Hannu Pelkonen

Web Developer and Designer


Web Developer and Designer with fresh visions of the future web applications

Hannu is a strong-willed individual who cares deeply about the quality of his work and equally so of his team's work. He is a versatile developer and doesn't lose sight of the bigger picture.

-Mikael Roos, CEO, Nodeta

Technical Skills

Full Stack Developer

JavaScript (Node.js), HTML5, CSS3 (Sass, Less), Ruby, Python, Web Security, Linux

Web Developer

Writes standard, clean, safe and tested code language independently. BDD is a good friend.

Web Designer

Excellent knowledge of the latest web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. A good eye for UX/usability.


Certified ScrumMaster. Versatile and smiling ScrumMaster who makes that 15 minute standing more enjoyable.

Other Buzzwords



Web Components


Jasmine, Karma

Adaptive Design


Team Player

Work Experience


2012 - Present

Lead Developer

Digia Plc


Software Engineer

Developing web products (RoR, HTML5, JS)

Nodeta Oy

Summer 2010

Web Software Developer, Scrum Master

Developing Flowdock product (RoR, HTML5, JS, MongoDB)

Revlis Oy


Web Software Designer and Developer

Designing and developing SilverGym site. Advanced custom made enrollment system with real-time SMS notifications (RoR with Radiant, HTML5)

Nodeta Oy

Summer 2009

Web Software Developer, Scrum Master

Developing Flowdock product (RoR, HTML5, JS, Scala, Cassandra)

Nordpic Production


Web Software Developer

Developing Web-teatteri site. (RoR)

Palnet Oy

Summer 2009

Web Developer

Designing and developing palnet.fi website (LAMP stack)

Nodeta Oy

Summer 2008

Web Software Developer, Scrum Master

Web application development (RoR)

Palnet Oy

Summer 2007

Web Software Designer and System Administrator

Designing and developing Palnet website and maintaining servers (LAMP stack)

Finnish Defense Forces

August 2005 - April 2006

Web Developer

Maintaining servers and developing mil.fisite. Military service. (LAMP stack)

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Professional Scrum Master I

October 2013

Scrum roles, events, artifacts, and the rules of the Scrum framework that bind them together as described in the Scrum Guide

MongoDB Certified Developer, Associate Level

May 2014

Philosophy & Features, CRUD, Data Modeling, Indexing, Aggregation, Replication, Sharding


Aalto University School of Science and Technology

Master of Science (M.Sc.), Computer Science


Open source / pet projects

See my GitHub page

See my GitHub page at http://github.com/hannu

Success in Assembly multimedia festivals

1st place in browser demo competition 2006
2nd place in browser demo competition 2004
2nd place in flash demo competition 2003

Contact me!

Hannu Pelkonen



+358 503413251